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Ferrara in Abu Dhabi with Makros. Joint project Municipality and InFerrara

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Abu Dhabi, Ica, October 2023. Ferrara is also there, with Makros, at ICA (International Council on Archives), the world archives fair underway in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). The Ferrarese company founded by Massimo Luise, CEO of the same, is in fact present with a stand dedicated to Blockfire, the archival system for the protection of cultural heritage from fire, recently included in the one hundred Italian excellences selected in the Symbola – Fossa Bortolo Report for the application of technology to culture in the museum sector. A world fair, dedicated to the conservation of cultural and artistic heritage, attended by institutional stakeholders - embassies, ministries, various officials - who stopped at the stand where they received free handmade watercolors (made by Volta la Carta, ed.) and Ferrara tourist guides. Luise has in fact commissioned, like Makros - "in line with our company philosophy, which sees us expanding worldwide with the territory where we are based and live at heart" - over 300 watercolors and bookmarks with reproductions of the Castle, the bicycles, Via delle Volte and other points of the center, and bookmarks displayed right inside Blockfire and donated to visitors, "who choose them personally". In collaboration with the Municipality and InFerrara (portal for the promotion and marketing of Ferrarese tourist products), it brought the same number of tourist guides and a video, constantly shown, which shows and tells in English the history and peculiarities of the city of Este. “The response is incredible – says Luise from Abu Dhabi, with Paola Mazzeo, head of foreign trade also present – they are amazed and enchanted by such beauty, confirming that the products of our creativity are unique and inimitable and that Ferrara conquers”. Tourism councilor Matteo Fornasini expressed satisfaction with the operation, underlining how there are "many ways today to promote tourism and create dedicated showcases where there is foresight". And how industry and tourism are not distant areas "but can give rise to new practices. We hope - the councilor summarizes - that other entrepreneurs will follow this example. It is certainly a front to work on." Satisfaction also from Davide Bellotti, representing InFerrara. “Just as there is sustainable tourism today that is attentive to equally sustainable business models, there is cultural entrepreneurship that can create tourism. It is a source of satisfaction to know that in Abu Dhabi, in a context of such great value, there is Ferrara, with the opportunities it offers". From Stefano di Brindisi, Sole Director of Sipro - in whose area Makros occupies two modules - the summary. “Sipro is pleased to play the role of business incubator, especially in the face of successes of this magnitude. It is our vocation to support companies that build ambitious projects from ideas, which in the case of Makros have even been surpassed. A source of pride for us."


Photo meeting in the Municipality of Ferrara, with Councilor for Tourism, Matteo Fornasini, and Davide Bellotti representing InFerrara. Time of the meeting.

From the right, Matteo Fornasini, Massimo Luise, Paola Mazzeo, Davide Bellotti.